The 16th Arizona Cadet Training Group is beginning to come together. The first major piece is forming our cadet cadre. We are looking for hardworking, motivated, and excited cadets to apply for this summer’s encampment.

To apply, follow the link below. Use the online application to submit everything to the Executive Cadre.

Upon registering, applicants will plan on attending the selection exercise on Saturday, 4 April at 1200. The location will be at the Arizona Wing facility at 7011 N El Mirage Rd, Glendale, AZ 85307.

NOTE: The CCSE will begin at 1200 which means you should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to allow for time to turn in paperwork and get settled in.

The Executive Cadre leading the activity are:

  • C/Lt Col Jacob Little, Cadet Commander
  • C/Capt Tristan Obregon, Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations
  • C/1st Lt Tera Smeltzer, Cadet Deputy Commander for Support
Cadets attending the CCSE will arrive in the Battle Dress Uniform or Airman Battle Uniform. Please review CAPR 39-1 and ensure you are correctly following uniform standards.

What to bring:

  • Completed CAPF 60-81 with your Squadron Commander's approval
  • The supporting document described below
  • Water and snack
  • Have lunch prior to arrival or bring with you
What to expect:
  • Open Ranks Inspection
  • Drill Evaluation
  • CAP Knowledge Exam (Exam will cover: uniform standards, drill, leadership concepts, and the encampment guide)
  • Interview
  • Team Leadership Problem

Supporting documents:
This supporting document is to give us an insight into you and how you would perform your responsibilities as a cadre member. You only have to provide 1 document for the position you put as your #1 choice. However, providing documentation for the other 2 choices is permitted. Please provide the correct document for the position listed below AT THE CCSE.

  • Cadet Squadron Commander- A letter speaking of your character by a peer. (C/1st Lt and above)
  • Cadet Flight Commander- A letter speaking of your character by a peer (C/2nd Lt and above)
  • Cadet Flight Sergeant- A letter of recommendation by a peer (C/2nd Lt and above)
  • Public Affairs- A well edited video OR a collection of 2-5 pictures with an article
  • Standard Evaluations Team- A layout of what you would like cadet bunks and dressers to look like with detail AND a letter speaking to your organizational skills and work ethic.
  • Logistics- A letter of recommendation from any of the following, Squadron Commander, Deputy Commander for Cadets, or any cadet officer.
A letter of recommendation should be based on achievements in the cadet program and outside. A letter of character should refrain from achievements and speak more to personal characteristics and how they perform with their team.

The application deadline for the CCSE is 31 March 2020.

If you cannot attend the CCSE and want to apply for Cadet Cadre, you may still do so, however cadets who attend the CCSE will have a greater chance of being selected. Please indicate when registering if you are unable to attend the selection exercise and we will make arrangements for an evaluation.

Shortly after the CCSE, an email will be sent out announcing the selected Cadre for encampment. Cadre will arrive at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista on Wednesday 3 June for required staff training. The exact arrival time will be announced at a later date. Cadre must be able to attend both staff training and the full duration of encampment which will occur from 6 June to 13 June.

Plan ahead and ensure your parents/guardians are aware of the information and dates for encampment.

Apply now! and be a part of the outstanding Arizona Cadet Training Group Cadre!

You should research the new pamphlets that national headquarters released on encampment (knowledge of these documents will be evaluated):

CAP Pamphlet 60-70 - Cadet Encampment Guide
CAP Pamphlet 60-71 - Cadet Encampment Handbook

Application period is closed.